How To Get Certified

✨ In most states, you need an esthetician or cosmetology license to get certified in lash extensions. 

✨ You can enroll in a certification course without a license, but certification is issued only after obtaining your state’s license requirements.

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✨ Lash Extensions are one of the most demanding services in the Beauty Industry.

Career benefits include high satisfaction, consistent recurring clients & great profits.

Start today and expand your potential by adding lash extensions to your beauty menu!

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  • Flexibility

    For lash pros, the sky's the limit! You're in charge of your own schedule, the services you offer, and calling the shots on how big your business can grow.
  • Fun

    With an 80% career satisfaction rate, due in large part to the joy they feel when welcoming back repeat clients. Working alongside other beauticians in a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere.
  • Fast Training

    Flutter your way to becoming a lash extension pro in just 30 days with our online training! Get certified and start wowing clients with your skills.

Course Details

Lash Lift

  • 9 Modules w/ Video Training
  • PDF Training Manual
  • Email Support
  • Lash Lift Certificate

Classic Lash Extensions

  • 12 Modules w/ Video Training
  • PDF Training Manual
  • Weekly Newsletter w/ Lash Tips
  • Email Support
  • Classic Lash Extension Certificate

Professional Bundle

  • Classic Lashes: 12 Modules w/ Video Training & PDF Manual 
  • Lash Lift: 9 Modules of Video Training & PDF Manual 
  • Volume Lashes: 60-Page Training Manual 
  • Weekly Newsletter w/ Lash Tips 
  • Email Support 
  • 3 Certificates - Classic & Volume Lash Extensions & Lash Lift

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✨ 1-Day Lash Trainings can range from $500-$2000. 

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