✨ You can join a course without any prior experience or qualifications to see if lashing is the right fit for you.

✨ However, please note that a certification of completion will only be provided if you have the necessary licensing required by your state, Ex. cosmetology/esthetician license.

Classic Lash Extensions

  • 12 Modules w/ Video Training
  • PDF Training Manual
  • Weekly Newsletter w/ Lash Tips
  • 6 Months of Email Support
  • Classic Lash Extension Certificate

Classic Lashes + Lash Lift

  • Classic Lashes: 12 Modules w/ Video Training & PDF Manual 
  • Lash Lift: 9 Modules of Video Training & PDF Manual
  • Weekly Newsletter w/ Lash Tips 
  • 9 Months of Email Support 
  • Classic Lash Extension Certificate
  • Lash Lift Certificate

Lash Training 

  • Suitcase packed with all you need to start lashing!
  • 20 Lash Extension Applications
  • Premium Lash Trays
  • Tweezers
  • Lash Adhesive
  • Full Sized Mannequin Head
  • Lash Lift Kit Available (+$50)